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Worrying Is Not Caring (Part 1)

One of the most incorrect beliefs that we have acquired since childhood is that to worry is to care, worrying is caring. Our parents are the people whom we grow up with and are closest to in our childhood. As soon as we are born, in fact even before we are born, even when we are in our mother’s womb, they start transmitting the energy of this belief through their thoughts and later on when we are physically present in front of them, through thoughts, words and actions; to us, which we catch, because we being a spiritual energy, not only transmit or radiate energy but also absorb energy.

➤As we grow up, this false belief keeps reaching us from everyone on a subtle as well as physical level, whom we meet and are close to, including our friends, siblings (brothers and sisters), spouse etc. and slowly we start accepting this belief as being completely true and lead our lives according to it and even transmit the same to others. That is why it is extremely difficult to find a single person today who does not live according to this belief or does not bring it into their daily lives to some extent or the other.

➤A very common example of the above belief which we all have gone through sometime or the other is when we are late by just a few minutes in coming back home from office. On reaching home, we are asked many questions by our family members, perhaps our parents or spouse or children about where we have been and why didn’t we call and also informed about many negative assumptions they had made in that much time.

➤Why? Because they had been worried for us. We are normally surprised with the fact they are worrying, because most of the time we are late because of a not so serious reason, but our family members explain that we were worrying for you because we care for you. But worrying is not caring. Worry is fear or anxiety and care is love or concern, they are two opposite emotions which can never exist together at the same time.

In tomorrow’s message, we shall demonstrate how on a subtle energy level, true love and concern is more beneficial than worry in coming out of negative situations, in which we find ourselves every now and then.

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Message for Today

"Humility and Service"

"Humility and Service"

Humility brings an experience of being complete with all virtues and spiritual powers. So naturally I am available for service, and have always thought of bringing benefit to as many as possible. Humility also gives an experience of being a master, because no situation or person binds me, but I am able to experience freedom.

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