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Create Success Inside & Outside

If you introspect today on how successful you are, what factors would you look at – is it your achievements, possessions, and positions? …Or do you count your inherent good qualities and virtues? We always look for opportunities for success outside. But success is about who I, the being am, and not just about my doing. Each time we use our qualities of peace, love, and happiness, we are successful.

➤Each time we co-operate, show kindness, or build a beautiful relationship, we are successful. Let’s not label the self as a failure just because we could not achieve something. Regret, dissatisfaction, fear, and blame are barriers to success. Moreover, the brain and the body will accept it as our reality and failures repeat.

➤When we are successful internally, we will be able to think, speak and behave right. Our inner energy matches our desires and creates physical success outside. Start believing and saying, I am a powerful being. I can do anything I choose to do. My success is certain.

➤We all have our own beliefs and definitions about the term success. Many of us pursued success because we thought it would give happiness since we have always searched for happiness in our achievements. So, we said I want to be a successful corporate professional, I will consider myself successful when I have x amount in my account.

➤We looked at success in terms of what we possessed – qualification, designation, relationships, physical health, social status, recognition, bank balance, property, and so on. One aspect of our success is outside in our actions and there is one more aspect of success which is within us, in our feelings – success in terms of our emotional stability, emotional comfort, happiness, and contentment.

➤If we are successful outside, it is not necessary that we will be happy inside too. But when we are happy, we will always be contented. This energy will help us to be successful outside. So today, let go of any limiting beliefs you have about your ability to do well. Your optimistic views and inner energy will attract people and circumstances that are conducive to create success.

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Message for Today

"Qualities in Every Soul"

"Qualities in Every Soul"

Every individual has some or the other speciality. When this speciality is revealed in one’s own words and behaviour, good wishes emerge from others very naturally. These good wishes become a form of blessing for the one who is making effort with an honest heart.

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