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Let’s Unite With God In His Task

God is the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Father of all souls in the world. He is the Ocean of peace, love, and joy. Today the world is lacking peace, love, and joy and everyone in the world is looking up to God to bring everyone together and fill everyone’s lives with peace, love, and joy. Different negative situations of many types are disturbing the world and people living in the world.

➤The more scientific advancements we are making, the more complex and technology-driven our lives are becoming and our Sanskars and physical and mental health along with our relationships are being impacted negatively because of that. Why is it that we don’t have a way out of this and why one feels that there is no one other than God who can resolve this? God is the world monitor over time and when circumstances in the world require correction, He intervenes and does what is required best.

➤At this present time, God is playing His role of creating a new world and needs the help of human beings and their mind, body, and wealth as well as their thoughts, words, and actions. This is because God is incorporeal or bodiless and stays in the soul world and human souls in the World Drama are on planet Earth playing their roles. In the physical world, human beings perform actions for their own benefit and for the benefit of others.

➤So, God makes human beings instruments, through whom He performs His task. Also, the purer we make ourselves through spiritual wisdom and meditation, the more we help in God’s task and not only create happiness in our lives through the fulfillment the task gives us but also create goodness, positivity and success in the lives of millions of souls of the world and make their lives beautiful.

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Message for Today

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

Several times we find things happening unexpectedly. Yet, there should be the understanding that nothing is unexpected or a matter of chance but everything depends on the seeds previously planted. When there is this understanding there is no passiveness but there is an ability to take responsibility and better the situation.

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