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Don’t Label People, Give Respect

When you meet someone even briefly – relative, co-passenger, neighbour, client, shopkeeper or anyone for that matter – do you make conclusions about them? Do you categorically label the person as being either calm, arrogant, not good enough, skinny, dishonest, wise, and so on? Society today seems to insist on applying labels on everyone, especially negative ones, too quickly.

➤The risk is that people start living by the negative labels they receive. The energy of labels radiates to them and triggers more of that particular behavior or habit in them. This means, if we repeatedly label someone as dishonest, we reinforce dishonesty in him or her. Let’s give people the privilege to be viewed as pure, perfect individuals.

➤Otherwise, we only perceive them through the lens of labels we give. Eventually, we also attract that label into our energy field. Everyone has admirable qualities. Focusing on them, magnifying them, and giving positive labels will uplift them and also elevate our thinking standards.

➤If we look at how many times in a day, we judge other people, label them, criticize, compare, or assess what they do, the number would be too high. We casually say – He is lazy, she is arrogant, that place is boring… Sometimes we tend to do it unknowingly as though it is very natural and obvious. We even tend to justify such behaviour by saying – I only spoke the truth, after all he or she is like this. It might be the truth but why magnify it and show that person in poor light?

➤Let’s focus on ourselves instead. Today different sources of media are also being used to spread biased views about someone or something, influencing society to perceive them in that way. By negative judgments and labelling, we not only lower our compassion but we also deplete our own inner power. If we find the need to talk about someone, let us highlight and spread words about their virtues and values. Let go of judging others and stop getting affected by others’ judgments. It is protection for you and empowerment for others.

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Message for Today

"Being Positive amidst Situations"

"Being Positive amidst Situations"

When I remain happy even in negative situations, I am able to maintain my internal state of calm. And this is the best frame of mind where I can see things objectively and in a detached way and I am able to make the right decisions. So I find myself becoming a source of support.

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