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Messengers of Love & Joy (Part 1)

Life is a beautiful journey in which the best experience for all of us is one of love and joy. Love and joy accompany us right from the time we are born and we grow up with them in our hearts. We live our complete life sharing these two lovely emotions with everyone and receiving the same. Also, it is seen that every purpose that human beings have, is focused on these two emotions and their experience.

➤Yes, they are important and the foundation of a beautiful life experience at any age, but at the same time it is important to note that love and joy is not increasing in the world with time, but decreasing. Today, people are moving away from each other much sooner and more easily than before and also everyone’s hearts are not as filled with good wishes for each other, as before. In fact, expectations and desires are two main negative energies, which are reducing love and joy in the world, the most. Let’s become messengers of love and joy for the world by doing the following:

➤Every morning, create a pure feeling of love for everyone in the world and each and every person whom you meet and come across the whole day – your friends, relatives, office colleagues and of course family. As you wake up in the morning, take a morning pledge – Each and everyone is my close one and I have a beautiful relationship with them, which I want to make more beautiful with my every nice word and action and every other gesture.

➤I am responsible for making every relationship of my life to work well and without problems. Also, create the affirmation regularly in the day – I want to make every relationship of mine rich with qualities of contentment, understanding, acceptance, humility, sacrifice and an attitude of giving.

(continues tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Dealing with Criticism"

"Dealing with Criticism"

Sometimes when sharing their feedback, people are rude, and they criticize you. Pause and think through the criticism, check if it is valid. If yes, "thank them" and work on yourself, improve your nature, thinking, and decision-making. If not, "let go". Do not create any thoughts about what they say. Remain stable and don’t react or argue or defend.

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