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Become God's Trustee (Part 1)

Spirituality introduces to us a very beautiful concept of trusteeship. At first, I realize that as a spiritual being or soul, I possess the treasures of my thoughts, words, actions, qualities, powers, time, physical wealth, etc. While I may have many a times misused these treasures earlier, now I learn from God how to use them correctly for my spiritual upliftment or the long term benefit of me, the soul.

➤As per God’s instructions, I use these treasures for a positive purpose of bringing not only myself but others also, closer to a state of truth, a state in which the soul experiences its original virtues of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. By doing that I, in return, experience spiritual self-growth.

➤Each time I deviate from this purpose, I come down spiritually, or I do not grow spiritually. This is a different type of existence as compared to before when I did not even realize that these were treasures in the first place. A treasure can be defined as something of immense value.

➤So, these spiritual and physical energies or resources, which we have mentioned, which I own or possess, become treasures because by the right use of them towards myself and others, I can increase my spiritual self’s value. Once that is increased, the value of all the physical dimensions of my life and my success in them also increases as a result.

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Message for Today

"Magic of Meditation"

"Magic of Meditation"

Meditate daily. It purifies your thoughts. Even if people or situations are not your way, your mind will be perfect. You will readily be able to accept the change, detach emotionally, think right, consult your wisdom, and respond correctly.

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