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Breaking the Cycle of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 4)

One of the root causes of negative energy exchanges between any two people is a clash of personalities or natures. This can happen between two people who are wrong or between two people, one of whom is right and the other is wrong and also not very uncommonly between two people who are both right in their own unique way. This happens simply because sometimes personalities of two people are correct, their ways of working are correct, their ways of thinking are correct, but they differ. This clash of personalities causes irritation on both sides, which becomes hatred, which becomes anger, causing hurt on both sides.

➤How does one correct this? An important method for this is the sacrifice of the ego. Very often the cause of negative energy exchanges between two people who are both right is subtle ego on both sides, which ends when one of them sacrifices his or her ego. It is often said that the one who sacrifices his or her ego, is worthy of receiving the blessings in a group of people of different personalities as he or she brings about harmony in relationships.

➤The one who sacrifices the ego is mature and humble enough to realize that the responsibility to bring to an end to negative energy exchanges with a particular person lies with him. Such a person has a soft intellect and realizes the significance of moulding or adjusting himself as the situation demands and how that can bring to an end the exchange. Such a person is like an ocean of good wishes.

➤He will sacrifice his own interest, sacrifice the I am right consciousness, sacrifice the Things should be done the way I like consciousness and put the interest of the other first. Also, he will give up his own name and glorify the name of the other. Such a person will very commonly praise the other and his way of working as well as his personality either individually or in a group. Such a person becomes a teacher and friend for the person with whom he was exchanging negative vibes prior to that, becoming an instrument to bring to an end the negative exchange of energy.

(Continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"There is victory for the person who opposes the weaknesses instead of the person"

"There is victory for the person who opposes the weaknesses instead of the person"

ExpressionInstead of trying to win over a person who displays any negative qualities, one needs to oppose the negativity itself. The one who knows the art of doing this will never do anything to encourage the weakness in the other person but will provide all help to overcome their negative qualities.

ExperienceSince I am able to look at the weakness only and am trying to finish it, I will be free from negative feelings of dislike and hatred. There would be a genuine feeling of love, which in turn provides the right environment for the other person’s growth.

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