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Newness At Every Step (Part 2)

A very important aspect of newness in our lives is a different perspective to life’s situations. A positive perspective makes life experiences more beautiful. A positive minded person with a positive perspective looks at life differently than a person with a somewhat negative mindset. Let’s say a person is facing a challenge at work and is not being able to come to a solution to overcome it.

➤If he were to look at the current crisis in his life with a different perspective, he would arrive at a solution much faster and more easily than if he were to remain with the same perspective which he has been keeping for a long time. Solutions to problems can be arrived at magically at times with a different attitude and view point.

➤But to make life full of new ideas and thoughts, one needs to fill the mind with fresh knowledge, not only from the world but also from spiritual sources which talk a lot about the self and also about God. Remember the more you know about yourself and about the Supreme Being, the wiser you will become and will look at life with a fresh perspective, which is the key to success.

➤Also, looking at people’s specialties, in fact different specialties in different situations, adds a positive flavor to life. The same people will look different and nicer when you do that. Don’t forget, everyone has different specialties that we generally know and are aware of. Say, you are not on good terms with a person and you receive negative energy from that person regularly. See that person’s different specialties for a few days and you will never get tired of the situations involving him or her. This is practical positive thinking and also new thinking.

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Message for Today

"The habit of thinking positive finishes negative"

"The habit of thinking positive finishes negative"

ExpressionJust as it has become a habit of thinking negative, a positive habit when created will naturally bring about a change. A little practice and attention to form a habit of thinking positive will reveal its result of creating an influence of positivity. The situations will not change on their own, but the habit that has been formed will bring about a change in the response and will change the situation too.

ExperienceUsually it becomes very difficult or sometimes impossible for me to think positive in difficult situations. At that time, although I want to, the response that emerges from within is based on the habit that is formed previously. So when I make the habit of constantly and consciously thinking positive, I then become free from the struggle of having to change my mind to positive in difficult situations.

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