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Newness At Every Step (Part 1)

Living a life of positivity and creativity makes life a beautiful journey that one loves completely and enjoys to the fullest extent. Different thoughts, words, and actions full of newness and enthusiasm are the driving energy of your life. Life should not be a routine with the same type of thoughts, words, and actions every day. On the other hand, life should be a journey full of happiness and variety with different types of events and not the same scenes and situations every day.

➤Also having a lot of interactions with different types of people every day gives life a new touch of positivity and relaxation which would not be possible if we met the same people every day. So, make it a point to meet new people every day and give life a new meaning and purpose by doing different types of creative activities. Even in your job, look for different types of activities that give life a new purpose. Don’t become accustomed to a similar routine every day which can make the job or even the housework a boring exercise. Be creative and bring newness at every step.

➤Also, whenever you start your day, create a few positive thoughts or affirmations in your mind. Let them be full of success and a lot of determination which will keep you full of positive energy in the entire day so that actions can be performed without getting tired. This is what joyful living is. Also, after every couple of hours in the day, stop your work for 3 minutes and check the thoughts in your mind.

➤If they are going in the wrong direction, give them a new direction by meditating and creating a lot of powerful and positive thoughts, or at times if you feel more comfortable, experience silence in meditation by connecting with God, the Ocean of Peace. One is a positive expansion of thoughts and the other is packing up. Both are spiritual methods of empowering the mind. Both have their own benefits and help in mind control. Try either one depending on the situation. Also, throughout the day, talk to God and make Him a part of your life as you would make a close relative or friend, in the same manner.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The sweetness of the mind brings sweetness in words and interactions"

"The sweetness of the mind brings sweetness in words and interactions"

ExpressionThere is an understanding of the need for being sweet in words and interactions. But this sweetness can be expressed only when there is sweetness in the mind. Sweetness of the mind means there is not even a trace of negativity. Such a mind is further open to all that is nice and beautiful and expresses its own freshness and beauty in interactions.

ExperienceWhen I am able to keep my mind sweet, i.e., free from any kind of bitterness or ill feelings, I am able to experience the beauty of life. There is no feeling of sorrow or negativity but the mind is nurtured to further positivity with everything that comes its way. I am then able to experience constant growth and progress.

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