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GOD: "Alpha" Point of the Universe

He is the most powerful spiritual energy in the Universe. If He exists the world exists, because His purity and power renews the world every time it depletes of spiritual goodness and divinity. We have talked to Him in our prayers, remembered him in our hymns, looked upto Him for thousands of years and waited for Him in every breath.

➤He listens to our thoughts of love and respect and radiates His amazing spiritual brilliance to every soul and particle in the world and fills it peace, love and joy. The world that He creates is remembered in religious books and regarded by every human being. It is called by different names worldwide - Swarg, Bahist, Heaven, Garden of Allah, Garden of Eden.

➤He Is God - The Alpha Point of the Universe, the Supreme Being, the Supreme Source of divinity - our Supreme Father, Mother, Teacher, Friend and Guru. The One who fulfills every dream that we ever have in our cyclic birth story. The more we love and respect this Spiritual Alpha Point, it will always be lesser than what He deserves.

➤Let us thank and remember Him at every step in our lives. This is bringing Him in our heart and purifying it completely. That’s what He wishes from us and that’s the only thing we can give Him in return for every beautiful thing He has done for us.

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Message for Today

"The one who has self-respect is the one who is free from aggression"

"The one who has self-respect is the one who is free from aggression"

ExpressionWhen the situation seems out of control, there is naturally a feeling of helplessness. This helplessness further creates tension, which gets expressed in the form of aggression. Such a kind of aggression cannot be suppressed or controlled. To be in the state of one’s own self-respect is to be confident and the one who is confident will be assertive but can never be aggressive.

ExperienceI am able to keep my mind cool, when I am in my state of self-respect. So I never react to situations negatively but I am able to understand the situation and respond in the right way. I take decisions in a calm and composed state of mind, so I find myself relaxed and easy even in the most difficult situations.

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