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Choose Your Karma Right (Part 1)

Life is a beautiful journey with a number of twists and turns and it brings with it different scenes in which our ability to face them with strength and stability is tested. This is because uncertainties in life are immense and challenges in life are to be overcome regularly. A negative situation in our present life is a sign of an incorrect action or actions performed in past lives or in this life.

➤Also, good actions performed at the present moment of time will nullify the influence of these negative actions of the past and help reduce the sorrow or discontentment that they might cause. What are good actions and what are negative actions and how can we differentiate the two? Let’s look at their meaning in this message.

1 ● Good actions are those actions which are based on the original qualities of the soul – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. On the other hand, any action which takes us away from these qualities at the level of the personality or sanskaras is a negative action. Let’s say, today my office colleague is angry with me and I have lost my temper back at him. After becoming angry, how do I feel? I feel a lack of peace, love and joy and I also know that my action lacks wisdom.

➤In the same manner, today I have been very egoistic and shown false pride while talking and behaving with others. In such a case, I can never feel powerful because the one with false pride will also feel insulted easily, if someone talks negatively about him or her. Also, the one with ego is bitter and critical, which is a sign of lack of love and wisdom.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To forgive is to give correction"

"To forgive is to give correction"

ExpressionWhen there is forgiveness, the harm of the mistake is forgotten. The mistake itself is remembered only to the extent that the correction is to be given. So there are no negative feelings expressed even while giving correction. And the words that are used are few but prove to be very effective.

ExperienceWhen I learn the art of forgiving I am able to be free from the burden of negative and waste thinking. So there is never any difficulty in giving a correction when necessary. The mind is free from the attitudes of the past and it creates harmony in relationships even if the opinions or personalities don’t match.

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