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Transforming Our Dreams Into Reality (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, we have to know what we want to create in our lives that we care about. This has to be very clear in our minds, without any doubts e.g. If we desire to become mentally strong, we also have to become responsible for what we desire, and what we don’t and make choices accordingly. Just like a flower, in the preparation of her beauty, chooses her colours with the greatest care. She adjusts her petals one by one. It is only in her complete beauty that she wishes to appear.

➤And then one morning, exactly at sunrise, she suddenly shows herself. In the same manner, our inner mental preparation done with care will create beautiful outer realities for us. While it’s very important to have conviction in our dream, it’s also important to be accepting others and adjusting with them and improving and empowering our inner spiritual personality side by side. Otherwise, we may find ourselves tired and alone at some point of time in the journey of fulfillment of our dream. Hence, truthfulness with humility, along with fearlessness and unconditional acceptance of others and remaining united with them is also important.

➤The ability of a human soul to be focused on its dream is immense. The World Drama finally shows what’s possible and what’s not based on our positivity and inner strength and God is also with us at every step. We, as souls, have to strive for our dreams. We should never use the past experience to decide on what can or cannot happen tomorrow.

➤Spirituality is all about transforming yourself from body consciousness to spiritual or soul consciousness; not in search of God, but it is a journey of being an embodiment of divinity by connecting with God constantly and knowing and understanding Him deeply. If we experience the journey of spirituality in this way and realize that the source of all positive creation is within us, it will transform into a power that will create reality out of our thoughts and dreams.

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Message for Today

"True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too"

"True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too"

Expression: The one who is victorious enables others to be victorious too. Such a person will never make the other person seem any less. He will never allow the other person to feel defeated because the one who is victorious is a bestower. He has the ability to give courage to others and fill with hope to achieve something better.

Experience: When I have the feeling of being victorious, I would naturally want others to experience the same. I would look for ways to give courage and support to the ones who are losing. This will never let me lose hope in myself or in others and will also win the trust and good wishes of others. So there is a constant experience of being victorious.

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