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Transforming Our Dreams Into Reality (Part 1)

Our dreams and aspirations are like little seeds, invisible to the outer world. They could be different things for different people, but you alone will know your dreams as no one else has them. The seeds sleep deep in the Earth until someone among them is picked up with the desire to awaken. Then this little seed stretches itself and slowly pushes a little branch upwards towards the sun.

➤In the same manner, everything that exists today in this world was at first created in our minds. Learning the art of creating thoughts in our minds, our inner world, very consciously and rightly is very important. Otherwise, what happens in the outer world is sometimes very different from what we expect or desire and what we dream of.

➔An organized mind is one that is away from unnecessary shifts, full of positively created and focused pure thoughts. Such a mind then organizes our whole system. Our physical all our mental and emotional energies are then organized in one direction. This alignment has to be kept focused in one direction for some time – the direction of our dream, which we want to achieve and fulfill.

➤Besides that, it is also important to have faith in God or the Supreme Soul. If we have a strong desire to achieve something, but we also keep over-thinking about the difficulties we might face in achieving it, it becomes an obstacle to the fulfillment of the desire and creates internal conflict.

➔A positive thought is a powerful vibration attached to a dream and deep faith and determination are a means to reduce negative and unnecessary thoughts of anxiety and fear, which may arise when we are trying to achieve something in any sphere of life – whether personal, professional, social, emotional or spiritual. This power of positive thoughts is the key to success.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To bring newness into actions means to contribute for the betterment of the self and others"

"To bring newness into actions means to contribute for the betterment of the self and others"

Expression: There is a constant desire to do something better that makes a contribution to oneself and to others too. So the one who thinks of newness can bring about such a contribution. There will not be something different that can be done. But the same thing can be done in such a way that there is a benefit visible.

Experience: When I am able to bring newness into the way I do things, I am able to experience constant progress. There will also be the satisfaction of bringing about newness and creativity even in ordinary actions. Along with this will also be the satisfaction of making a contribution to every action of mine.

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