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Happy Greetings That Matter

Good Morning! This morning, did you greet your family, friends, and colleagues with a good morning, good evening or good luck? Do you wish people daily? And how do you acknowledge wishes? Most of us underestimate the value of a genuine Good morning wish. They are not just a pair of customary words. Conveyed with pure intentions of goodness, they radiate the energy of blessings and promise of good things to come.

➤When someone greets us, let’s not ignore, nod, mumble or casually say morning. Also, let’s not monotonously exchange wishes with people on the phone. We need to experience the energy of the message and act thereafter. The receiver then gets our message plus our pure energy. Saying Good Morning should not be difficult.

➤Let’s not wait for others to greet us based on hierarchies of age, position, or power. People could be happy, sad or in an in-between mood but regardless of their response, we can make those 2 seconds to connect and make their experience of meeting us, good.

➤We often overlook the power of simple gestures like making eye contact, smiling, paying a compliment or greeting people. These meaningful acts certainly add happiness to our days and theirs. By helping others feel good about themselves, our own happiness significantly grows. Take a moment to see how your positive energy brightens someone’s day today. Everyone is looking to be acknowledged and heard. Sometimes that is all that people need from you.

➤Let them know through your words and actions that they matter. Notice how you feel when you greet the security guard at the gate, hold the door open for a stranger or thank your family member. When you spend time with someone, you understand their value and importance. Kindness in action will bring you more joy than you thought.

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Message for Today

"The method to finish a weakness is to be detached from it"

"The method to finish a weakness is to be detached from it"

ExpressionWhen there is some weakness working within that has to be overcome, it is very essential for one to get detached from it, which means not identifying with the weakness. If there is an identification with the weakness, it is further strengthened and there is the inability to get rid of it. Since it is there in the consciousness, it is visible in the words and actions too.

ExperienceWhen I am free from the identification with the weakness, I am able to bring about a change very quickly. I find it very easy to stabilise myself in the awareness of my strength and allow that strength to be revealed in all my words and actions. There is no heaviness of the weakness nor is there the feeling of having to give up something, but transformation takes place very easily.

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