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Eating Less and Eating Slowly

All of us know the importance of paying attention to when we eat, what we eat and how much we eat. Yet, we often find ourselves scrolling through the phone, working on the laptop or watching television, while stuffing food into our mouth even when there is no true hunger. The internal mechanism in our body guides our eating habits, but distracted eating forces us to ignore those signals, and we end up over-eating.

➤You know the importance of eating right and enjoying every meal. Yet, how sacred is mealtime to you? Does your schedule permit mindful eating? Do you tend to indulge in binge eating, mindless eating or over-eating? Mealtime needs to be a sacred ritual, but today most of us eat mindlessly and in the middle of distractions. This takes away an awareness of our eating experience, our thoughts or our feelings. It is also leading to over-eating.

➤Food consumed this way is harming us rather than nourishing us the way it should. Eating should not be out of addictions, pressures, temptations or emotional needs. Let us practice mindful eating - listening to our body signals of when to eat and how much to eat. Once we pay attention to our hunger and fullness signals, it becomes easy to avoid overeating. Create your own healthy eating patterns and stick to them at all times. Remind yourself - I focus on every bite of food. I eat a healthy and a balanced diet. I do not overeat.

➤Stick to eat right quantity to neither be starved or stuffed. When you listen to your body, you take care of how much food it needs. This is a huge step in ensuring health and well-being. Remind yourself - I don’t eat food for any reasons other than genuine hunger. I listen to my body – eat when I am hungry and stop the moment I am full.

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Message for Today

"True Knowledge Brings Humility"

"True Knowledge Brings Humility"

ExpressionTrue knowledge inspires and encourages one to bring about a practical change in one's life. The one with knowledge naturally imbibes it, which is also revealed in his practical life, because he is humbly willing to learn from all situations. As much as there is knowledge, so much there is divinity revealed in all words and actions.

ExperienceWhen I am able to humbly learn from all situations. I am able to enrich my own knowledge. This knowledge further enables me to become more and more practical. So during all difficult situations, I am able to remain light and internally stable. There will be no fluctuation experienced within, whatever the challenges may be.

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