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10 Steps To A Positive Lifestyle (Part 3)

Let’s look at a few more methods to remain constantly positive and powerful in every situation:

5 ● While performing actions throughout the day, ensure that you are always smiling and radiating lightness and love to everyone through your eyes, face as well as sweet words and actions.

6 ● After every hour, stop whatever you are doing and look inwards for 1-2 minutes. Check the flow and quality of your thoughts and bring them on track from negative and unnecessary to positive and constructive.

7 ● While talking and meeting others at home or in your office, remember constantly that everyone is a spiritual energy full of positivity and if you see any negativity, remember that it is not their actual nature, but just an artificial and temporary personality layer.

8 ● Every morning, pick a selection of good and positive wisdom and read 1-2 pages slowly, imbibing very strongly and bringing it into practice the entire day.

9 ● Learn meditation and practice before going to sleep and the first thing in the morning as you wake up. Fill yourself with spiritual power from the Supreme Being or God and experience determination.

10 ● Talk to God as a friend in every action throughout the day and use his mind and your hands to perform actions. In this way, your actions will be positive and powerful, without any mistakes and you will be able to face all situations easily.

➤These are 10 steps to a positive lifestyle. Following these steps will open the door of a life full of stability and power. Situations will become like the passing breeze, which will not disturb you in any away. In fact, you will become like a pillar of strength in your family and amidst your colleagues at work, standing tall and upright and never bowing down mentally and emotionally because of lack of spiritual strength.

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Message for Today

"The right solution is found by the mind which is free from worry"

"The right solution is found by the mind which is free from worry"

ExpressionNo matter how hard one worries about a problem, there can be no solution found. When the mind is free from worry, it is able to be calm. Then there will be no struggle but very naturally the right decision is made, which would be for the benefit of the self and that of others too. On the contrary, a mind that is worried would make decisions that are harmful, even after a lot of thinking and rethinking.

ExperienceWhen I keep the mind free from worry in the most difficult situation, I am able to experience inner calm, inspite of the outer disturbance, because there is no disturbance in my natural thinking process. There is a lot of peace within, which enables me to be free from negative feelings for everyone. I also naturally have good wishes for myself and others, so whatever I do would be for everyone's benefit.

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