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10 Steps To A Positive Lifestyle (Part 1)

As we progress in the journey of life, at times there can be moments which redefine our life and destiny. These are those moments when something important occurs in our life and life is not the same again after that. Let’s say you get a very important educational degree in your life and your life is transformed as you become very successful in your career after that and life is a beautiful and eventful joyride. You get lots of praise and honour in your family, from your friends and in the world.

➤Now let’s look at something else – I lose my job suddenly and a workplace, to which I gave my entire life and time and effort, gives me something bad in return. I am devastated. How could this happen to me – my company telling me to leave? This is a depressive moment in my life. The reason why we have mentioned such opposite examples is because life is full of both of these. To remain stable and the same in victory and defeat, praise and insult, joy and sorrow is the sign of a truly successful person.

➤We are people living in society and doing jobs and managing families, running businesses and sending children to school and are very often faced with physical health problems, problems in relationships in family and the workplace and other problems at home and at work. In the midst of all this, we need to remain stable, powerful, content and peaceful. The ups and downs will come and go. But we should not leave our internal state of fulfillment and satisfaction. Such a stage is wisdom followed in life and not just wisdom found in books. Let’s discover this stage and how to imbibe a positive lifestyle in this message.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"Success comes to the one who absorbs only the good and positive aspects"

"Success comes to the one who absorbs only the good and positive aspects"

ExpressionThe one who has the power to absorb, naturally absorbs only the positive aspects of everything he comes into contact with. So the response too is always positive. Never is there reactions towards difficult situations or people, but there is the natural ability to absorb all that is good and respond positively accordingly.

ExperienceOnce I instill the habit of seeing only the positive aspect in everything, I find myself getting free from negativity. It is like filling in fresh water into a pail of dirty water. When there is a continuous flow of freshwater into even the dirtiest water, gradually the water gets purified. So too I find myself getting internally cleansed of all negativity with a continuous flow of positivity.

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