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Making Concentration Your Nature

We all know how valuable, concentration is. Whether it is studies, a project at office or household work, we want to quiet the mind and concentrate on what we do. But often, we give in to emotional or sensory distractions. Our mind starts wandering and thoughts become scattered. Cultivating the ability to focus our thoughts in whatever direction we want, is crucial for success.

1 ● You know the endless rewards of concentration. But have you been at a meeting and your attention strays from the discussion to your family, to bills to be paid, or to your weekend plans? Have you experienced total concentration at times and a total lapse of concentration at other times?

2 ● Concentration needs our mind to create an energy of stillness and power. Nurturing the mind with 15 minutes of pure, positive information in the morning and thinking right during the day improves concentration. Distractions, overthinking or turbulent thoughts create disturbed energy.

3 ● Before beginning a task, keep distractions away, take a minute’s silence to answer any unresolved questions in the mind. Set a timeline and create one high-energy thought about the activity you are about to begin. No other thought will disturb you and you create a silent, still, concentrated mind.

4 ● Concentration needs to be a habit, a way of living. It is your mind and it obeys your instructions. You just need to master the art of instructing it. Remind yourself - I concentrate well to complete every task effortlessly and well in time. My mind is my instrument, it obeys my instructions.

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Message for Today

"The language of silence is more powerful than the sound of words"

"The language of silence is more powerful than the sound of words"

ExpressionWhen something is expressed in silence, it is with the power of thoughts. Such thoughts spread positive vibrations and reach out to the others, in such a way that even the words can't. Also when such kinds of positive actions are added to the positive thoughts, the desired effect of that is seen. Then the words are not needed to express good intentions and good wishes.

ExperienceWhen I am able to express myself through the language of silence, I am able to be free from expectations for others to listen to what I am saying. I will only be silently communicating whatever I have to through my good wishes and inspiring others through my positive actions. So I am able to remain content and light, even when I have not yet seen the result of my communication.

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