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Blessings (Part 4: World News)

When we read about a person or a place in the newspaper or are watching the news channel, we tend to start creating the same emotions as the news. If we are watching news of a natural calamity, terrorist attack, accident, disease, financial crisis, then feeling sorrow, fear, anger and hatred seems to be natural. When we create these emotions, it is no more the news of the outer world; it becomes the quality of our inner world. By creating the negative emotions, we are also radiating the same vibration to the people and place involved in the incident – we are adding pain to their existing pain.

➤We believe that feeling the same pain as the victim is compassion. Let us reflect do we want to send them more pain or do we want to send them healing energy. Compassion means to understand them and give them what they need. If there is anger and hatred, we need to send love. If there is panic and fear, we need to send peace. While watching the news ... detach and create the vibrations they need... not the vibration which already is.

➤If we create the same vibration of what is happening in the world, then we will radiate that into the world and more of that will happen in the world. If we hear about a terror attack and we create hatred, we then radiate hatred into the world. The vibrations of the world will shift more towards hatred and the violence in the world will increase. To send them healing energy and to shift the energy of the world towards love and peace, we will need to create those feelings and radiate to them even while we are witnessing violence.

➤Being a detached observer means to create an emotion which is different from the emotion of the scene. The world needs vibrations of unity, compassion, respect, love and peace. Let’s create these vibrations always. One way of living is to get influenced by the vibration of the world. The other way is to influence the world with our vibrations.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward"

"To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward"

ExpressionThere are so many things of the past that keep coming up in the mind again and again. Instead of being like birds holding on to the branches of the past; the one who looks at the clear sky gets the inspiration to move forward. To look at the clear sky means to look at the present moment and make the best use of it.

ExperienceThe ability to free myself from the negative influences of the past, enables me to have a vision of equality. I will then not be judging others on what my past experiences with them are. I also find myself experiencing the benefit of each and every moment. So I experience constant progress.

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