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The Positive Energy Of Blessings (Part 2)

Blessings are pure and powerful thoughts and words we create. We can give blessings to our self – for any sanskar we want to change, for the health of our body, for our relationships and work. Blessing means creating a thought or words of what we want the reality to be, even though it is not a reality at present. It is an affirmation which radiates energy, the vibration of which creates the reality.

1. To change a sanskar of anger, Blessing – I am a peaceful soul. I accept everyone as they are. I express my opinion, but with dignity. I get work done with love and discipline. Peace and patience is my nature.

2. To change a sanskar of being late, Blessing – I am a powerful soul. I can be everything I choose to be. I have a sanskar of punctuality and I always reach before time.

3. For good health, Blessing – I am a pure soul. Every cell of my body is filled with love and happiness. I have released all past hurt. My body and mind is perfect and healthy.

4. To heal a relationship, Blessing – I am a loveful soul. I create all my relationships. My relationship with a particular person is a perfect relationship. All past negative emotions are over. We now exchange only love and acceptance for each other.

Similarly, we can create blessings for our work or any other situation in life. Every morning create the blessing and visualize it at least 5 times. Before going to sleep these should be the last thoughts. After every hour, pause for a minute and create the blessing. Take care not to create thoughts which are opposite of the blessings, even if you can see such negative situations in reality.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"True Love Brings Success in Relationships"

"True Love Brings Success in Relationships"

ExpressionThe one who is loving, likes to be with the others. Such a person will never try to be away even from people who are not loving towards him, but will be able to change the one who is not so loving with his own love. So the one who is loving is always successful in relationships.

ExperienceSince I am a loving person, I am able to maintain this love for every person I come into contact with. Whether the other person is able to be loving or not, I find that I never lose my love because of being aware of my true nature.

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