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The Positive Energy Of Blessings (Part 1)

Our relationships are special because they are an exchange of love and respect. This exchange of pure vibrations empowers us and keeps us full of energy and enthusiasm. We call such people a blessing in our life. It is because their energy is a blessing for us and gives us the power to remain happy and enthusiastic in every scene of life. Their energy is a source of power for us which allows us to work tirelessly and face challenges with ease.

➤Blessings are not specific thoughts and words created on special occasions, but every pure thought and word is a blessing. We have all experienced that blessings of saints, parents, teachers, family and friends have created miracles in our lives. Whether it is blessings given to a new born child, blessings given just before an exam, blessings for someone who is not well, blessings to begin a new career or business or blessings on any special occasion, we have all experienced the power of blessings on our destiny.

➤Blessing is a high power pure energy vibration which we create in our thoughts and also express it in words. Blessing means we are creating thoughts of happiness, health, harmony and success for others. Our vibrations influence their state of mind and when their thoughts become pure and powerful, their destiny is nothing short of a miracle.

Let us experiment today ... can our every thought and word be a blessing?

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"The one who checks himself constantly is the one who experiences progress"

"The one who checks himself constantly is the one who experiences progress"

ExpressionThe one who keeps checking himself is also able to bring about a change in himself. Such a person takes each situation as a chance to learn something new and bring about some change for the better. So there is constant improvement in his life.

ExperienceWhen something goes wrong, if I learn to check myself and bring about a change immediately, I will be able to experience constant progress. No situation will make me have negative feelings or make me stop, but I will be able to enjoy everything that comes my way.

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