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Awakening The Positivity Within (Part 1)

Positivity is our nature which we sometimes lose in our busy lifestyles. It is like the necklace which is around our neck, but we don’t realize that and we search for it all around. When we start the day, we need to fill our minds with positive points of information from a positive source. These points strengthen our mind and protect it from the negatives which surround us. Very often like the necklace, positivity is lost temporarily and is very easy to find, but the negative influence does not let me think of the ways of becoming positive and regaining it.

➤There was once a rich trader who always found a reason to become upset because of the smallest of reasons during the day. Every morning he would decide to remain positive during the day and would promise himself that he would not let his mind be influenced by any difficult problem he faced. But, as soon as he used to start his trade or business, because of the complicated nature of his work, he would fall prey to one or the other problem. These problems would be either from the work itself. Or problems would arise through the money he handled, or from his work associates or sometimes due to a problem created by his own mind.

➥A mind that easily succumbs to difficulties can be compared to a home where a little problem in the form of a little mouse enters and brings disturbances in the whole house. When the house owner manages to get rid of the mouse and thinks everything is okay, a cat enters and adds her side of troubles and has the house owner go busy in trying to get it out of his house. The cat is then followed by the dog’s entry and the whole day the house owner spends in this way. The moral of the story is - the one who remains disturbed attracts disturbances, which he keeps trying to send away.

➤This process or mindset of trying to keep problems away and becoming over-involved in doing that, in turn attracts more problems. So, remain calm when the first problem of the day comes and don’t become over-involved or confused in trying to keep it away. This is the primary step to keeping problems away for the whole day. Calmness creates a problem free environment around me and also keeps me content, powerful and peaceful.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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Message for Today

"To give regard to others' ideas is to be a learner"

"To give regard to others' ideas is to be a learner"

ExpressionThe one who is open to the ideas of others is the one who is able to learn from everything. He is humble and has respect for all. He has the authority over what he does, he is the master and is yet open to learning.

ExperienceEven when my best plan and ideas are rejected or criticised, I am able to remain cool and light because of my regard for others and their ideas. Because of this I am able to constantly learn and experience progress.

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