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Enjoy & Love Every Moment While Eating

All of us have three meals a day. They sustain and nourish us to sit, move, speak, smile, and complete tasks. For the ways food serves us, it is important to love and respect what we eat. We often find ourselves grumbling or judging the food on our plate. We reject it unawares with statements like - I’m bored of eating this every morning, This dish is so bland, I wish my mother could cook better. We also worry or feel guilty - I might put on weight, What if my sugar levels increase.

➥ This doesn’t taste fresh, hope I won’t fall sick. Once we decide to eat, let’s enjoy the food, not think of its effects. Let's create thoughts of gratitude and love before and while eating. The quality or quantity may not always be perfect. Never mind – we have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) thousands of delicious meals. The few imperfections should not change our respect for food.

➥ Food that we eat everyday is nutrition for our body. We choose what is healthy. We can choose what is tasty, but if we say we will be happy when we eat something specific, it means our happiness becomes dependent on our food. Sit back, and visualize yourself happy while you are having your meals and radiating happy energy to your food. We often create an energy of irritation when we eat something which is not tasty for us. Food may not be tasty … but happiness or irritation is our choice.

➥ Practice today to not allow your food to influence your mind. Criticizing what you are eating radiates negative energy to the food which then influences your mind. Before every meal today, pause and reaffirm I am happy and calm as I eat my meal. I energize the food with my happiness.

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Message for Today

"Concentration develops when the intellect is clean & clear"

"Concentration develops when the intellect is clean & clear"

ExpressionFor the one whose intellect continues to wander, concentration becomes difficult or impossible. On the other hand, for the one who is focused on one thing, there are no other distractions at that time and there is easy concentration.

ExperienceWhen I am able to remain focused, I am not troubled by distractions which lessen my concentration. Instead, I am able to increase my discrimination power and am able to decide and judge well. This happens because my intellect becomes clean and gets cleared of waste.

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