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Respect and Regard: Are They Different?

Regard and respect are different, contrary to popular belief. Regard is an external gesture of courtesies and protocols, given for people’s roles and positions. Respect is internal, a feeling and vibration radiated for who the person is. Regard may vary, but respect should be equal for everyone. What are your parameters for respecting people and giving regard to them? How well do you treat someone who is junior to you by age or designation, or has achieved lesser than you? Do you believe regard is the same as respect? Our roles and positions in society are different. We called the roles higher and lower.

➥ We also mixed respect and regard. Respect is a feeling for what a person is. Regard is an outer gesture for people’s achievements, roles, and possessions. We need to extend courtesies and follow protocols externally, according to people's roles and positions. So regard is for people’s role. Respect is for the being, for who we are. Since we are all equally pure, equally beautiful, and equal beings, respect should not vary. Every individual is to be equally and uniformly respected. Radiate nice thoughts, speak well, and behave cordially with people. This is how respect radiates to them. Your regard can vary based on what they have, but your respect for them shouldn’t.

➥ Respect is the foundation of your relationships, separate respect, and regard. Give respect for the Being and give regard for their Doing. Extend regard for people’s age, knowledge, achievements, wealth, roles, or position. Do not equate regard with respect. Your respect should not change according to people’s roles. There can be differences of opinion but you continue to respect them. Respect yourself and radiate respect to all. Respect every individual for who they are, for their qualities, nature.

➥ Your every interaction should begin with a pure vibration to the individual. Before meeting anyone, first, create a thought for them as a Beautiful being or Peaceful person and then you talk to them and come into action. Respect everyone by accepting their behavior and not questioning it. Connect to who they are and before connecting to the roles they play, build a foundation of authentic respect. Your vibrations of thoughts, words, and behaviour should be the same for everyone, your respect should be uniform for everyone.

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Message for Today

"Feelings change intentions, thus changing actions too"

"Feelings change intentions, thus changing actions too"

ExpressionWhen there are negative feelings like jealousy or hatred towards another person, those feelings naturally create misunderstanding. Even if the other person has a good feeling while doing something, a negative intention is attributed and this naturally changes one’s own behaviour or response making it negative too.

ExperienceWhen there is the slightest bit of negative feeling within me for someone, it naturally creates further negativity from others too. I find everything I come across to be negative, like the one who wears coloured glasses sees everything to be of that particular colour.

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