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The Ego Sacrifice (Part 2)

Whenever you come into contact with another person, see to it that you are yourself but at the same time, you give the other person space by letting him or her be themselves. What that means is that let the other person express themselves in a way they want to and not necessarily in a way that you want them to express or act. They shouldn’t be a puppet in your hands. Tell them, guide them, but always be ready to sacrifice your opinion, your viewpoint, and your attachment to your virtue or particular sanskara which you think is absolutely right and perfect.

➥ Also, be ready to let the other person’s opinion rule the situation involving the two of you. Some people find this as the most difficult thing to do in a relationship and this requires spiritual power and also a lot of love inside you for the other person. Also, we need qualities like humility and contentment, which are extremely important. We are talking about any relationship - at home or in your friend circle or anywhere else; with the opposite gender or with the same gender; with your child or with your boss, with a friend or with your spouse.

➥ There is a fine line between remaining in a high self-esteem about what you think is right and what you know about a particular situation and letting the other person also contribute to that thought process. What that means is you need to allow the other person to enter that personal space of your thought process. Very often we construct walls around our thinking process and don’t let the other person enter it because of the fear that the other person might dominate that space and also the attachment to one’s own space.

➥ Remember the ones who bow down and are comfortable with people’s views and give them as much respect as their own opinions and view-points are the rulers of everyone’s hearts. People are not ruled by power but their hearts are filled with love to get their love and respect in return. And that happens by keeping the other ahead of you in interactions not only on a physical level but also on a thought level and the level of emotions.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To Be Free From Worry Means To Have The Power To Change Negative Into Positive"

"To Be Free From Worry Means To Have The Power To Change Negative Into Positive"

ExpressionThe ones who are free from worry change that which is bad into something good, because the state of mind is calm. The one with a calm state of mind is able to think creatively and see very clearly even beyond the situation. So there is the ability to transform the seemingly negative situation into something very positive. So there is clear decision-making and quick action. There is also no time wasted.

ExperienceWhen I am free from worry, I constantly remain satisfied for having seen the positive and finding the solutions immediately instead of looking at the problem and worrying over it. This internal silence gives the feeling of power, which naturally enables transformation in a second and only the goodness is absorbed.

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