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7 Benefits Of Meditation

1 ● Meditation is a beautiful exercise of the mind in which we connect with the spiritual self or soul and experience its qualities. Also, in meditation we connect with God - the Supreme Soul and imbibe His qualities inside us.

2 ● The more we meditate, the more positive, pure and powerful we become. Our thoughts, feelings and attitudes undergo immense positive change.

3 ● Meditation builds our emotional immunity and inner strength and keeps us protected from different negative situations of life.

4 ● It also enables us to discover the self and God more and come closer to both of them and create a beautiful relationship with them.

5 ● Spiritual wisdom also becomes easier to understand when we meditate regularly and meditation makes us an embodiment of spiritual wisdom. We learn new and creative ways of thinking and our belief systems change from ones based on body consciousness to ones based on soul consciousness.

6 ● Meditation is a gift that God offers us at the present time and He himself teaches us its technique so that we souls get uplifted and create new realities in life. These new realities are little heavens filled with peace, love and joy in our homes, workplaces and in every other sphere of life.

7 ● Our mental and physical health becomes more beautiful, our inner and outer personality improves and our efficiency and accuracy in every action becomes higher. And very importantly, our relationships become free from conflicts and filled with good wishes, respect and co-operation. We start earning wealth with more honesty, cleanliness and success.

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Message for Today

"To Forgive Is To Give Correction"

"To Forgive Is To Give Correction"

ExpressionWhen there is forgiveness, the harm of the mistake is forgotten. The mistake itself is remembered only to the extent that the correction is to be given. So there are no negative feelings expressed even while giving corrections. And the words that are used are few but prove to be very effective.

ExperienceWhen I learn the art of forgiving I am able to be free from the burden of negative and waste thinking. So there is never any difficulty in giving the correction (solution) when necessary. The mind is free from the attitudes of the past and it creates harmony in relationships even if the opinions or personalities don’t match.

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