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Purifying Food, Water & Air For Good Health (Part 1)

We are currently living in a world where the environment is continuously receiving vibrations of vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, which human beings are radiating more and more with time. Also, we are seeing more and more illnesses increase in the world and the severity of the illnesses as well as their ability to end human lives is also increasing with time. What is the connection between these two things?

➥ As we know, that human bodies work extensively on the food we give it, the water we drink and the air we breathe. In the last few years, there has been quite a lot of contamination of vegetables, fruits and grains through many physical means as well as a drop in the quality of water we drink and also a drop in quality of the air we breathe, largely due to physical pollution and gases that are being emitted into the air due to various reasons like industrialization and increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. All this is giving rise to different types of serious illnesses in the body.

➥ Along with physical impurities and contamination, another contamination of food, water and air is taking place through the vibrations of vices constantly being radiated to the environment and nature by billions of souls of the world. Vices are a non-physical impurity which have an impact on growing vegetables, fruits and grains as well as when we cook and eat them and also on water and air and as a result on the physical bodies and minds of human beings, causing different types of physical and mental illnesses. Also, this negative energy of vices are actually vibrations of body consciousness which so many different human and animal souls have radiated.

➥ They are also vibrations of negative actions, which not only bring negative situations in the lives of souls who have radiated them, but when we absorb these vibrations through food, water and air, which carry them, we reduce the quality of our subtle body of spiritual energy which exists in our physical body. These energy changes in the subtle body influence our physical body and bring about illnesses and also cause harm to the soul’s well-being.

(To be continued tomorrow…)

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Message for Today

"The method to bring about a Permanent Change is to bring about Newness in Thinking"

"The method to bring about a Permanent Change is to bring about Newness in Thinking"

ExpressionTo bring about a permanent change for the better means getting the mind trained to new ways of looking at the same situation. Only with this new understanding will there be a new response. Trying to bring about change in a superficial way will not bring about a long-lasting change.

ExperienceWhen I train my mind to think creatively I'm able to keep my mind busy. In this way I'm able to free it from thinking negative and waste. Also, I find myself enjoying every scene that comes in front of me and I also find myself constantly progressing.

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