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Basic Principles Of True Success

Sometimes when we don’t achieve our goals, we say - I was not successful, I failed. Calling yourself a failure is unfair to yourself. Start seeing yourself as truly successful always. When we don't achieve what we planned to, we label ourselves as failures. We need to understand the essence of success.

1 ● Success is not about what you do, success is first who you are. It is about I- the being, the energy which thinks, feels, speaks, behaves, comes into action, completes every task and achieves goals. Success begins with I the being, not the doing.

2 ● If you are unhappy, disturbed, agitated or egoistic, and yet you fulfil your desires in the outer world, can you call yourself successful? It is not possible because you are not happy with who you are.

3 ● Remember that you are successful when you are happy, caring and kind. You are successful if you connect to people irrespective of their achievements, position or age. You are successful if you share what you know and cooperate with others.

4 ● When you the being are successful and then come into action in the outer world, you enjoy your achievements. Even if you don't get what you wanted, remember you are still successful, just that achievement is pending for now. You will have the energy to retry and achieve.

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Message for Today

"Simplicity Enables One to Become an Example"

"Simplicity Enables One to Become an Example"

ExpressionSimplicity is free from the complications of waste questions, doubts and expectations. The one who is simple is naturally accurate and inspiring in his actions. He is able to understand the demands of the environment and mould himself accordingly, so he himself has no demands. And he is able to move forward to his satisfaction.

ExperienceWhen I am simple in my thoughts, I am also able to be simple in my responses to the outer environment i.e., to both situations and people. So internally I am able to remain content. This contentment further brings newness and creativity in the way I respond to situations, and I naturally experience further progress.

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