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Affirmations - 5 Tips For Success

Affirmations are positive and powerful thoughts that we create for success in daily life. They radiate good and positive spiritual energy to our physical body, people around us and also to the environment that surrounds us.

➥ This energy creates positive circumstances in our physical well-being, relationships, financial well-being as well as personal and professional roles, which makes our destiny positive. Such a positive destiny then becomes the key to peace and happiness in our lives. So affirmations are a very important tool which we can use to create any desired result in life and even change negative situations into positive ones. Let's look at 5 tips for affirmation success:

1 ● Begin your day with 15 minutes meditation and after that read spiritual wisdom for 15 minutes in the morning. Create an affirmation for the day from the wisdom you have read and practice it the entire day. Morning meditation will give you the inner power to practice the affirmation.

2 ● Emerge the affirmation that you have created, as a positive thought in your mind, first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up, before eating and drinking anything and just before sleeping. That means about 10-15 times in the day.

3 ● Make sure your affirmation is experienced and not just repeated in your mind, which increases its success because an affirmation which is experienced, radiates a more positive and powerful vibration to the Universe and it comes back with a more positive result.

4 ● Make your affirmation full of positive words and phrases of success e.g. use words like I am instead of I will, I am not, etc. You can also make your affirmation based on the situation that exists in your life at that time.

5 ● Practice the same affirmation the entire day and in some cases, in a particular situation, you can practice the same affirmation for a few days together, for positive results.

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Message for Today

"A powerful stage is like a switch which finishes darkness of negativity in a second"

"A powerful stage is like a switch which finishes darkness of negativity in a second"

ExpressionDarkness is dispelled when a "light" is switched on. Similarly, a powerful stage is also a light switch. When this switch is on, one can put an end to all wasteful darkness and no longer have to labour to stop any wasteful thoughts. By becoming powerful, one can naturally become a donor, as there is nothing waste within.

ExperienceWhen I am aware of my positive qualities and what I can contribute to others, I am able to be powerful. This naturally enables me to be light and radiate the inner light to others. I am never influenced negatively with any kind of waste or negative, but am always able to maintain my own "positivity" and that of others too.

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