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Avoid Role-Induced Stress - It's Only a 'Role'

With many roles to play, we have accepted stress to be natural. Role consciousness makes us perform based on position, achievements and age. We sometimes over-identify with our roles and labels of relationships and positions. This creates expectations, competition and control, leading to stress.

1 ● Check your consciousness throughout the day. Do you play every scene with the ego of your role or position of being a - spouse, parent, senior, junior …? By identifying with your roles, you tend to behave like the image you have created of the role inside your mind.

2 ● A discharged phone cannot perform any function. If we charge it for 30 minutes, it can be used for many purposes. In the same way, to play many roles in the day, charge yourself for 30 minutes in the morning by reading or listening to spiritual wisdom and meditating.

3 ● Remember to radiate the qualities of the soul even if situations go wrong. In every interaction, connect to the inner being of others before connecting to their roles. This builds a foundation of true respect for the being and regard for their roles.

4 ● You are an actor ➔ a soul, performing every scene on the stage of this world drama, through your body and role. Make sure you, the actor's original personality of peace, joy, love and purity - is your way of being. Then watch how your every role becomes effortless.

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Message for Today

"Success comes to the one who absorbs only the good and positive aspects"

"Success comes to the one who absorbs only the good and positive aspects"

ExpressionThe one who has the power to absorb, naturally absorbs only the positive aspects of everything he comes into contact with. So the response too is always positive. Never is there reactions towards difficult situations or people, but there is the natural ability to absorb all that is good and respond positively accordingly.

ExperienceOnce I instill the habit of seeing only the positive aspect in everything, I find myself getting free from negativity. It is like filling in fresh water into a pail of dirty water. When there is a continuous flow of fresh water into even the most dirty water, gradually the water getting purified. So too I find myself getting internally cleansed of all negativity with a continuous flow of positivity.

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