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Withdraw From Arguments. Respect Others' Perspectives

Differences of opinions arise in everyday interactions, as the sanskars and perspectives we all carry differ. At such times if we are egoistic to prove our point and criticize the other person, the discussion turns into an argument. But if we choose to emotionally withdraw, remain stable and then speak, the dialogue moves towards harmony despite our differences. What is your threshold for calm interactions during a verbal exchange, when you disagree with someone? Does your temperament flare and you argue to prove your point? Also, do lengthy arguments feel worthwhile? Being heard is important. But healthy discussions need us to pause, process the situation, create a response and then speak.

➥ We also need to listen to their opinion without internally concluding they are wrong. There’s more power in being humble than to argue. Humility keeps our emotions in check. Otherwise it becomes a power game of us being right rather than our opinion being right. Arguments arise out of ego and block productive communication. Each one is right from their perspective - this line is to be underlined in our minds. It helps us radiate respect, put our point across calmly, and accept differences with stability.

➥ Throughout the day, living with people, working with them or coming into interaction even with strangers, take care of your mind. If there are difference of opinions put across your opinion with stability. Detach from your perspective and see theirs. If you are still not comfortable with their opinion, accept your differences with dignity for yourself and respect for them. Understand that they speak as per their sanskars and their perspectives, I speak as per mine. Neither of us are wrong, both are different.

➥ Use this knowledge to internally withdraw from the unhealthy energies of the scene like how a tortoise gets into its shell. Don’t let it break into an argument or conflict. Don’t allow your ego to argue and prove yourself right and don’t deplete happiness and health by arguing. Radiate vibrations of respect and acceptance to the other person and heal their disturbed mind with your vibrations. Re-establish harmony and delete the incident from your mind. Don’t let it create any emotional wound. Do this every time with everyone.

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Message for Today

"The best way to get respect is to give respect to the self"

"The best way to get respect is to give respect to the self"

ExpressionThere is always an expectation of getting respect from those around. The one who is totally dependent on others for their own sense of well-being tends to react to situations, even if they are very insignificant ones. On the other hand, the one who is able to give respect to the self gives respect to others too and so receives respect back.

ExperienceWhen I am able to see my own specialities I am able to have respect for myself. Then I am not dependent on external sources for my inner state of mind. I remain free from all external influences, and am able to become a source of influence for those around me. I constantly "enrich" my own internal state with each thing that happens.

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