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Purifying Food and Water for Perfect Health

We all know the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet. It not only about organic preparations, nutrients, fruits and calories. The food we eat and water we drink have vibrations which become a part of our system once consumed. They directly influence our thoughts, mood and sanskars. Preparing food with divine feelings and energizing the meal raises its vibrations and ours. Do you eat nutritious food, watch calories, avoid junk, but yet do you feel dull or fatigued?

➥ Did you know that food and water absorb vibrations from their surroundings? Food’s vibrational energy is as important as its nutritional energy. The vibrations in our food influence our state of mind. It is important to choose a high-energy diet and prepare each meal with a peaceful state of mind. Let us meditate for 30 seconds, offer gratitude and bless the meal before eating. We can also add our affirmations along with the blessings, like I am a happy being…I have everything I need…

➥ Eat food prepared in a clean environment and a powerful state of mind. Just before every meal, withdraw from all distractions, remain peaceful and happy, offer a prayer to thank God for having food in my plate, offer gratitude to people who have prepared it and served it lovingly. Your thoughts and vibrations become a part of your every meal and water. They get energized. Eat only what is healthy for your body… prioritize health over taste.

➥ Once energizing food and water becomes a habit, you will experience good emotional health as well as physical health. While eating, remain focused on my meal for those 10 -15 minutes, eat in silence, no negative conversations, no negative comments about the food. Respect the food and have a beautiful relationship with it. This way what you eat and drink will become satvik. Your food will become prasad and water will become amrit. Healing your mind and body, they will give you perfect health.

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Message for Today

"To receive blessings is to become worthy of them"

"To receive blessings is to become worthy of them"

ExpressionSometimes there is a desire to receive blessings from God. But the one who has truly a thought of winning the love, regard and blessings of the other person is able to put in effort to be worthy of it. So he is constantly trying to be better and better in what he does. Thus he becomes worthy & winner of everyone’s blessings.

ExperienceWhen I am constantly making myself more and more worthy, I naturally win the love, trust and blessings from all those I come into contact with. I am committed to whatever I do and know that the blessings of God are with me because I am making effort. I have no fear or insecurity, but go on doing what I have to do with confidence.

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