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Developing Right Habits Consistently

As the saying goes – First we make our habits. And then our habits make us. Most of us create great habits but we are not great at sustaining them until they are ingrained into our lifestyle. With any activity or habit, we need to take those tiny actions, beginning from our thoughts, until they become a consistent part of our personality. Have you created a new habit which has been truly beneficial, but found it hard to sustain? Have you given up a healthy habit because you could not reinforce it, or because someone else said it’s difficult to stick with? Give yourself some time to embrace it.

➦ Any habit needs a few days of consistent, daily repetition before it becomes automatic. Till then we need to keep practicing it, even if we had failed to sustain a habit in the past, or if people feel that a particular habit is difficult to keep up. Focus on establishing one healthy habit, understand why you need it, and make it a priority to practice it for 20 consecutive days, regardless of your schedule or situation. Every day, create an affirmation for it and visualize as if it is already integrated into your routine. This makes it easier to adopt the new habit into your lifestyle. Carrying out a healthy habit is its own reward. In addition, it increases will power, health and happiness and make your relationships better and bring you success at work. Establishing a fixed routine with living your habits, increases your self-control.

➦ Start inculcating the discipline to build good habits that support your personal growth - right thinking, attitude, beliefs, exercises, meditation, spiritual study, diet, rest, sleep, work ethics, social habits and so on. Consistently create thoughts only of what you want your reality to be. Your thoughts create the right attitude and right actions and all those actions become a part of your personality.

➦ By thinking about them and bringing them into action, you strengthen your habits. Add them to your routine, they are your priority, they are part of your daily plan. Even if you skip any of your routine activities for any reason, do not criticize yourself and do not give up. Motivate yourself, get back to executing the habit and tell yourself you can and you will. Make sticking to healthy habits the easiest thing to do for yourself.

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Message for Today

"To consider oneself an instrument of God is to be light"

"To consider oneself an instrument of God is to be light"

ExpressionTo be an instrument of God means to allow God's qualities to flow through one's life. It means to be available for God's task to happen. The ones who considers himself to be an instrument neither has ego of the work that is done through him nor has he any difficulty in dealing with situations. He is able to do everything well and with ease.

ExperienceWhen I am an instrument of God, I am able to remain light even while being responsible. Being an instrument I would naturally consider myself responsible for God's task to be done through me. Also since I am God's instrument, I feel the responsibility of making myself more and more beautiful.

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