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Seeing Situations Positively (Part 3)

Feelings of helplessness when faced with difficult situations are something that many people in the world experience. It’s as if life comes to a standstill and you don’t know where to look for help and whom to call out to. Is it so difficult to face situations? Doesn’t God know what we are going through and can’t He be made a part of the situation to cross it.

➥ Some say God is a spectator to our problems and He is too far away to hear our voice but is it so? God waits for His help to be taken because you are His spiritual child and you have a right to take His help. Also, God is not very happy if we say that He is insensitive to our troubles. Some people even wrongly believe that all the happiness and the sorrow in our lives is given by God, which is not true. But, at the same time to get us out of the sorrow is something that even God is always eager to do, but we need to take His help by remaining strong and stable in the negative situation.

➥ It is said that one step of courage taken by us brings thousand steps of help from God. God is our Father and taking His help is the first thing that should come in our mind when we are in trouble and not the last as sometimes it happens. We get so over-involved in situations and in thinking how to solve it that we forget that there is someone sitting out there who can be called by the power of thought and whose help can be taken. We can do this as we would do with our physical father, if we needed his help.

➥ Some people assume that God should help on His own, but there are two conditions for receiving His help – one is courage and the other is remembering Him. Remembering him is a way of giving Him respect, who is the Highest of Highest. Remember God, who is the most humble being that exists. But He will help us when we remember Him much more than if we are disconnected from Him. Taking His help makes it easy for you to face the situation at hand and hence view situations positively.

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Message for Today

"Cooperation Brings Easy Success"

"Cooperation Brings Easy Success"

ExpressionTo work together is to allow the specialities of each and every individual to be contributed in the task to be done. There is an ability to appreciate others and their contribution. There is no ego of one's own specialities but a true and natural appreciation of everyone around. So there is success for the task and for the person too.

ExperienceWhenever I am involved with others in doing something, the task is important in itself but when I understand the importance of cooperation I am able to recognise the specialities of each and every individual. I am able to have aith in the other person to make his own contribution and I give the space for him to do so.

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