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Being Patient in Every Scene of Life

Ever since speed and a hurried pace have become characteristics of our life, we have become impatient. Wisdom tells us patience pays off and impatience costs us dearly. But sometimes when we wish to speed up something, when we want quick changes, when there’s a challenge or when we cannot bear uncertainty, we become impatient. We want what we want, and we want it immediately.

1 ● You have the power to be patient, accept and adapt to almost everything around you. Never say - No I cannot wait…I cannot tolerate.... Losing patience in minor scenes makes impatience a part of your personality. Patience gives you the power to handle difficulties and problems because you didn’t deplete spiritual energy creating impatience while the problems were unresolved.

2 ● Patience is your original nature. It’s a sign of royalty, dignity and inner strength. Meditate every morning and fill yourself with peace. Peace is always accompanied by patience. Whether it is children misbehaving, a traffic jam, slow internet, colleagues arriving late or someone missing deadlines – be tolerant and patient. This also brings your thoughts under your control.

3 ● Be patient towards yourself, other people, and even situations. Someone may be slow, someone can make mistakes, but they are all doing their best. Advise or instruct them with respect. Your vibrations of ease radiate comforting energy for them to improve. Also, all different types of negative situations resolve faster when they receive our vibrations of patience constantly.

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Message for Today

"True honesty brings clarity about the self"

"True honesty brings clarity about the self"

ExpressionHonesty doesn't mean just speaking the truth. Honesty means being clear with oneself. Then it naturally brings clarity about one's own capabilities. This clear understanding enables one to do the best according to the capacity. It gives the recognition of a higher step that can be climbed and brings the humility to learn from the different lessons of life.

ExperienceWhen I am honest I am able to know my own limitations and accept them with love. This acceptance keeps me busy with what I can do and also silently makes me ready for the next step. When time comes, I am able to do it, because I have already prepared myself for it. I don't stop when situations demand more from me because there is total clarity within.

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