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Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja is the Hindi word for 'King' and Yog or Yoga means a union, a connection, or a relationship. Raja Yoga is the Supreme Yoga through which we the souls become a master (a King) of our senses (physical organs and mind) by simply remembering our original nature and our eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul. There are two interconnected steps to learn and master the Rajyoga meditation.

At the core of your being, you are deeply peaceful, immensely loving, infinitely wise, and profoundly contented.

'RajYoga' is a direct connection or relationship with the Ocean of Peace, Purity, and all Powers (God, the Supreme Soul). In RajYog, we remember (visualize) first the Self as a Soul and then remember (visualize) the Supreme Soul, keeping in mind his virtues (peace, purity, love, bliss, and knowledge). Parallel to this, we experience a connection with our own innate nature.

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