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RajaYog Meditation

RajYog Meditation

Raja is the Hindi word for 'King' and Yog or Yoga means a union, a connection or a relationship. Raja Yoga is the Supreme Yoga through which we the souls become a master (a King) of our senses (physical organs and mind) by simply remembering our original nature and our eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul. There are two inter-connected steps to learn and master the Rajyoga meditation.

'RajYoga' is a direct connection or relationship with the Ocean of Peace, Purity, and all Powers (God, the Supreme Soul). In RajYog, we remember (visualize) first the Self as a Soul and then remember (visualize) the Supreme Soul, keeping in mind his virtues (peace, purity, love, bliss, and knowledge). Parallel to this, we experience a connection with our own innate nature.

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