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About RajYog Meditation

About Meditation

Raja Yoga is the Supreme Yoga through which we the souls become a master (a ruler) of our senses (physical organs and the mind) by simply remembering our original nature and our eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul. There are two inter-connected steps to learn and master the Rajyoga meditation: "Self-realisation" and "God-realisation".

Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely, both who you are inside and how you react to what is outside. Above all, meditation is enjoying yourself in the literal sense of the word. Through meditation, you discover a very different ‘me’ from the person who may be stressed or troubled, the person who may seem superficially to be ‘me.’ You realise that your true nature, the real you, is very positive. You begin to discover an Ocean of Peace right on your doorstep.

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