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Have We Won God's Heart?

God is our closest and most loved one over many births. Depending on how clean we have been and how honest we are in doing everything that He loves and desires, we earn a place in God’s heart and depending on that He sees us with deep love and respect. Yet when we think, speak and act, we forget this and sometimes we tend to go in the wrong direction and perform negative actions. Wrong actions disconnect us from God and even bring sorrow in our lives, because we go against the Law of Karma and are not receiving God’s beautiful blessings at that time.

➤Also, actions done without honesty and purity make us lose our self-respect and respect of others and most importantly the respect of God - the Highest One. Depending on how much happiness we give others, we receive the love of God and win His heart, because God loves those who constantly love others and never ever give sorrow to others by thinking and speaking negatively about them or by speaking and acting negatively with them.

➤Starting the day with imbibing God’s love in our heart makes us careful that we respect His teachings and do only what He advises us to do in the entire day. Any step which we take which is not liked by God should be carefully checked with complete alertness and if any mistakes happen, then we should immediately correct ourselves and begin on a fresh note. The more we do this with determination and ease, the more our lives become fault free and problem free, because many of the problems that we face in our lives are a result of mistakes that we make in our thoughts, words and actions.

➤Another aspect which brings us closer to God and we earn an important place in His heart with, is remembering Him in every action and applying His spiritual wisdom in every thought, word and action. Also, along with that how much of God’s wisdom, qualities and powers we share with each and everyone we meet in the day and bring them also closer to God makes us earn an important place in His heart.

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Message for Today

"Humility Brings Excellence"

"Humility Brings Excellence"

ExpressionHumility means there is no expectation of being perfect always. So whatever is done comes naturally. There is no feeling of threat about others' opinion, but the one who is humble is able to express their inner talent without any fear or expectations. So humility takes one forward towards excellence

ExperienceWhen I am humble, I am able to stabilise myself in my state of self-respect always. This naturally is felt even when I am not able to bring perfection in my actions or even when others are not satisfied with me. Internally there is a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I am constantly learning and moving forward.

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