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Be Easy, Not Busy

We routinely use the vocabulary - I am very busy...I have no time. This mindset doesn't let us prioritize or manage time. We over-commit and under-deliver in every area of life. The turbulent energy of the word Busy conveys that we are not available to enjoy life's moments. Busyness makes us stressed about saving time, wasting time and constantly being in action. Just by saying busy..busy..busy… even if our schedule permits few hours of leisure, we won’t utilize it to care for ourselves or others.

➤We don’t meet people, we call them. We don’t listen to them, we speak. We don’t connect, we just remain in contact. Today we have more responsibilities, more pressures, more expectations. More need not mean Busy. We can work 16 hours a day remaining calm and happy. Let’s start saying I am Easy, I have time for everything. The relaxed energy of the word Easy keeps us calm, focused and efficient. Then we won’t want time, we will have more time.

➥We come across professionals or housewives who work 14 hours a day remaining easy. We also meet school kids who say I am very busy, hurry up. Today the energy of being busy is in the air. When we consume and add it to our vocabulary, we radiate a message of having too much to manage and that we are not available for people. Being Easy or Busy indicate opposite states of your mind. They having nothing to do with the amount of work you do.

➤Replace busy with easy and see the difference it makes to your emotional health. You will no longer hurry yourself or other people and create panic. You will go with the flow instead of resisting unexpected situations. You radiate vibrations of peace to your mind, health to your body, harmony to your relationships and happiness to your environment.

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Message for Today

"Greatness Lies In Humility"

"Greatness Lies In Humility"

ExpressionThe one who is humble is always willing to learn - from others and situations. So whatever happens a humble person never reacts to the situations, but acts positively whilst being in a stage of self-respect. So there is greatness visible in the one who is humble.

ExperienceHumility brings an experience of being full and complete. So naturally I am available for service, and have always the thought of bringing benefit to as many as possible. Humility also gives an experience of being a master, because no situation or person binds me, but I am able to experience freedom.

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