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Awakening The Positivity Within (Part 2)

Do you know that on an average we create a new thought every 2 seconds or sometimes even less that? This speed increases very regularly when we panic and are in discomfort or under the negative influence of an external situation. We call it external because the me or I which is internal is not the creator of the situation. Even the physical body is external. Except for situations from my own negative personality characteristics, which are completely the creation of the internal me or I, all other situations are external. There are various examples of situations in the form of negative personality traits which are completely internal. E.g. on a particular day I feel gloomy or sad without any particular reason.

➤On another day I experience thoughts of ego of my own nature or positive qualities or powers which are all internal. Sometimes I experience fear but there is no particular person or object or situation which I fear, it is just a passing phase. I am just frightened for no particular reason or on another occasion I feel I am unsuccessful although everything in my life is going fine. On another day I am worried about falling ill, although I am completely fit and nor have I met someone who is ill or listened to any news regarding poor health. So, my worry is completely self-created. These are examples of situations created completely by me.

➥Then, there are situations from my own personality characteristics which are triggered by outside situations. Such situations include something that I read, saw or heard which has caused a negative personality characteristic to emerge inside me. Examples of such situations are – my friend has been more successful in his or her academic career and seeing that causes thoughts of jealousy to emerge inside me. In this case, this is my self created situation but it was triggered by another person or external event. He or she did not cause me any harm and did not create the situation but I created the situation only because of my thinking.

➤Another example of such a situation - I fear my boss at office only because of his position being superior to me. He or she is a very nice person and is extremely polite with me and never tries to dominate me, but I feel dominated because of my thinking. Or another day, I heard a piece of news about how people are dying of heart attacks. This creates thoughts of insecurity inside me although I don’t suffer from any symptoms like uncontrolled high cholesterol or high blood pressure which could possibly lead to that.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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Message for Today

"To know the fruit of efforts will surely come is to remain happy and healthy"

"To know the fruit of efforts will surely come is to remain happy and healthy"

ExpressionTo know that the fruit of my effort will eventually come one day is to understand the importance of making an effort. Once there is this understanding, it becomes easy to continue making effort, which is like nourishment that keeps one happy. So effort is never stopped till what has to be achieved is achieved.

ExperienceKnowing that my effort will surely be fruitful makes me enjoy everything I do. It makes me remain happy, keeps me enthusiastic & free from tiredness, even when things are not going right for me. My mental happiness and well-being thus keep me healthy.

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