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Your Will Power Is Your Biggest Strength

Whether we want to achieve a goal, stick to right diet, give up an addiction or sustain a healthy habit, we attribute our success or failure to our will power. Sometimes we display highest will power, and other times we seem to completely lack it. Each of us has uniform and unlimited will power. The more we use it, the more we will experience it. Whenever you failed to achieve, become or overcome something, did you believe, I do not have enough willpower. I cannot do this? Did you think successful people have higher willpower? Do you check if it’s your willpower which has caused you failure at times? Each of us is blessed with the same amount of will power.

➔ All of us use our will power in certain situations and do not use it in others. When we do not use it, we fail in what we want to do. Repeated failure reaffirms a wrong belief that we lack will power. It is not the lack of will power, but a lack of desire and determination which blocks or slows down our success. For willpower to work, it’s important to have a deep desire and the persistence to try one more time even if we had failed in the past. Never underestimate your willpower, it is an essential ingredient to success in every aspect.

➔ Always affirm to yourself that you are a powerful being. You can be who you decide to be and do what you decide to do. Your mind and body will always co-operate with you because you are a master of your sense organs. You should always be clear about what you truly want in your personal, professional and social life. You have the ability to make right choices, you have the willpower to implement your decisions. Follow lifestyle disciplines of right eating, drinking, sleeping habits and teach your mind right habits of right thinking, speaking and behaving. Whether it is changing a habit, making healthy choices or taking timely actions, do not depend on people, circumstances, environment or your past experiences. Rely on your strong will power.

➔ Show restraint in the face of temptation. Don’t postpone, don’t cancel your plans. Do not give up on your goals. Use your will power in every situation. When you use your will power in one situation, you will increase it in other situations also. Remind yourself everyday - I am a powerful being. I have a strong will power which empowers me to achieve everything I desire. My unlimited will power is my biggest strength. I use it to achieve what I want.

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Message for Today

"True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too"

"True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too"

ExpressionThe one who is victorious enables others to be victorious too. Such a person will never make the other person seem any less. He will never allow the other person to feel defeated because the one who is victorious is a bestower. He has the ability to give courage to others and fill them with hope to achieve something better.

ExperienceWhen I have the feeling of being victorious, I would naturally want others too to experience the same. I would look for ways to give courage and support to the ones who are losing. This will never let me lose hope in myself or in others and will also win the trust and good wishes of others. So there is a constant experience of being victorious.

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