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Who is the Source Of Wisdom at the Brahma Kumaris? (Part 4)

2 ➥ All the beliefs that the world has today, whether they are from history, geography, science or spirituality, are based on human perception. Although some of the beliefs look to be true to human souls, who created them based on invention, reflection, research and experience, God knows the hidden aspects of everything more clearly and His discrimination and judgment is clearer than human souls, whose discrimination and judgment can sometimes have some limitations. This is due to various reasons like not having 100% proof about something, assumptions made to prove the beliefs right, influence of their own thinking and sanskars as well as beliefs, influence of the world and its different people and their thinking and beliefs, etc.

➥ Also, as revealed by God, the World Drama of 5000 years consists of four Ages or yugas – the Golden Age or Satyug, the Silver Age or Tretayug, the Copper Age or Dwaparyug and the Iron Age or Kaliyug. All four Ages or yugas are of 1250 years each. At certain points of time in the World Drama, especially between the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age and also between the end of the Silver Age and the beginning of the Copper Age, certain physical matter and energy changes and certain non-physical spiritual changes in souls take place, which only God knows and He has revealed. Human souls have not taken these changes into consideration while coming to their different conclusions or beliefs, because of which many of these common beliefs are different from what God has explained to us.

3 ➥ Lastly, whatever God has explained to us is based on the spiritual aspect of life or the existence of the soul, its birth and rebirth and the Law Of Karma as well as God’s role in the World Drama, which is the foundation of the physical aspect. On the other hand, in the world, the spiritual aspect and the existence of the soul and its related wisdom and facts as well as the role of God are either ignored or not known clearly and correctly, as known to God and revealed by Him. Also, everything is based on the physical aspect and that is considered the supreme aspect and reality of the world, which is not true. This one mistake gives a different view and perception of many things of the world.

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Message for Today

"Success is achieved through accurate efforts"

"Success is achieved through accurate efforts"

ExpressionThe one who puts in accurate efforts for the success of every task, naturally tries to do the best. Because of his own contribution, others too help him and contribute whatever they can to achieve what he sets out to do. So there is "success" in everything.

ExperienceWhen I do the right thing, I will be able to experience constant self-progress. I will then never have the slightest feeling of failing, but will always experience success as a right, even if the result is not what I have expected. I experience positive feelings because of having put in the right effort.

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