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Healing Past Emotional Hurt

Is there a list of people on your mind, who you believe have hurt you? If so, you need to think again. Whether it is our hurt or happiness, our emotions are always our creation. People do what they had to do, when they are emotionally bruised. It is we who absorb their energy and hurt ourselves with our wrong thoughts in response. How often do you say, He hurt me, I am in pain because of her or How can I forget the way people let me down? And if you permitted yourself to not react to their behaviours, how happier would your life be? No one can make us feel happy or hurt.

➤People can abuse, ignore, insult, or belittle us. Their power is outside, they cannot enter our mind to make us feel hurt. Our internal conversation about their behavior, determines how we feel. We hurt ourselves and only we can heal ourselves. In the same situation, different people respond differently. For example, when insulted – one person sinks into pain for a lifetime while another shrugs it off immediately. Let’s not wait for apologies or leave it to time to heal. Moreover, when someone is behaving wrongly, let’s empathize because they must be in some pain for behaving that way.

➤Before the start of each day, remind yourself that you are a compassionate being. Radiate happiness and love to every cell of your body. Remain calm and stable and cleanse your body. Do not get affected by people's behaviour and words. You felt uncomfortable with certain people’s behaviors in the past. Do not wait for people or time to heal you from past hurt. Today release the past with understanding.

➤Understand that they did not hurt you, they were a victim of their own sanskars and perceptions. They were emotionally in pain. You absorbed their pain and hurt yourself. No one can hurt you. It was your past karmic account which is over. You create every emotion and you have a choice. Heal yourself. Forgive them for what they did. Forgive yourself for the hurt. Past is past, you delete, delete and let go. You refuse to think about it. Radiate only love and blessings to yourself and them. Everything is perfect and will always be.

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