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Mental Churning & its Benefits (Part 2)

A beautiful mind leads to a beautiful personality which shows itself through our thoughts, words, and actions. So taking utmost care of the mind in the early morning hours is extremely important because the absorption capacity of the mind at that time is very high. Giving instructions to it in the form of thoughts based on the soul and the Supreme Soul makes the mind soul-conscious. This is a training to the mind to keep its remembrance oriented towards the soul i.e. its own spiritual self and the Father of the spiritual self, who is God, the entire day after that.

➤At any point of time on any particular day, if you have had a bad day, you could check how the start of that particular day was. You will realize that a bad start to the day very often leads to the remaining day being spent negatively. Also, a day that started positively in the company of your loved ones or a day that started by hearing a good piece of news imbibing positive information, or watching a good program of spirituality on television will normally be spent positively.

➤On the other hand, a day that started with watching or listening to negative news on the TV of accidents, death, and violence or by reading a negative piece of information or with an argument with someone will be followed by a day with negative events. Why is this so? The thoughts are given shape in the morning and they act accordingly in the day after that. Also, the thoughts inside the mind in the night, before sleeping, have an influence on the state of mind the next morning, and that in turn affects the whole day and is carried inside the mind till the night.

➤So, it is a cyclic process and to keep the cycle positive, the start has to be made every morning. As they say - as the food, so the mind i.e. physical food eaten with a good spiritual feel or positive energy level or saatvik in nature influences the mind positively. On the other hand, food eaten of low energy levels or tamsic in nature will influence the mind negatively. That holds true for physical food eaten by us. In the same way, food for thought, as they say, i.e. the quality of our thoughts also influences our state of mind and complete inner state and how we feel.

(To be continued tomorrow...)

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