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8 Positive Affirmations For Success

1 ● I am a very special soul in this world with my beautiful and unique specialties ... I perform each action in this higher consciousness and experience success.

2 ● I am full of the treasures of peace, love and joy ... I radiate the energy of these virtues to every word and action of mine and create miracles of success in every sphere of life.

3 ● I am God's one in a million child ... His eyes are always on me and He helps me and protects me every moment ... I bring this confidence in every action and interaction ... This confidence is my key to success.

4 ● I am an angel of wisdom blessed with a divine mind and intellect ... I bring wisdom in my life and make my life beautiful and valuable ... I respect others and receive everyone's respect.

5 ● I am a being of purity and power with a vibrant aura of positivity ... I step into the sphere of action everyday with this aura ... This creates good health, abundant wealth and beautiful relationships in my life.

6 ● I am a soul with a balance of love and law in my personality ... I love everyone and at the same time I listen to God and take all my decisions wisely based on the Law of Karma ... This attracts success in my life.

7 ● I am a reservoir of goodness and sweetness ... I gift myself and each and everyone I meet everyday with this goodness ... In return I receive blessings of success from myself, God and others.

8 ● I am a humble soul with a high self-esteem ... I always keep my consciousness powerful and at the same time light ... I know God is guiding my every action and I am just his instrument.

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