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8 Powers To Experience Success (Part 6)

In yesterday’s message, we had explained how spiritual wisdom is the key to using spiritual strength in a particular situation which is required to use a certain power out of the eight main powers. In this last part of this message, we explain how we fill ourselves with spiritual strength because only wisdom is not enough to experience success in a particular situation. Spiritual wisdom will be incomplete without spiritual strength and will be like an axe without a sharp edge.

➤Spiritual strength is filled in the soul over a long period of time. It requires the practice of meditation, which is the only way a soul can empower itself after it has lost a lot of its powers in the cycle of birth and rebirth. Meditation, as taught at the Brahma Kumaris, is a technique of connecting the mind using thought power and intellect using visualization power, together with God. God is the Supreme Source of spiritual strength. In meditation, we take little steps of creating spiritual thoughts in the mind and creating spiritual images in the intellect. As a result, in a few minutes we reach a stage of higher consciousness of the realization of the soul and then God, the Supreme Soul which is the next step.

➤Of course, after reaching an experience of a realization of the Supreme Soul, one needs to remain in that experience, which is a deep connection and union with God. In this connection, God’s power enters the soul and the soul is strengthened. So, this taking in of power or absorption of spiritual strength over a period of time naturally fills the soul with the eight powers. The 8 powers are the power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to pack up, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw and power to co-operate. It is important to note that in meditation we use the mind and intellect of the soul to connect with the Almighty source.

➤As a result, spiritual power gets filled in the sanskaras of the soul. In this way, we become a master almighty or a spiritually powerful child of God, full of all the eight powers.

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