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Meeting People’s Expectations

Sometimes we feel burdened by people’s expectations. Expectations of our parents, teachers, friends, spouse, office colleagues, children and so many other people in our life. They seem to control our choices and decisions. People try hard to live up to expectations of other people, but most are not completely successful. Everyone cannot be happy with us all the time, so trying to match their needs can only leave us exhausted.

1 ● People’s expectations create pressure inside us and lead towards fear of not being able to make them happy. This lowers our efficiency. Set goals, plan, execute, achieve and enjoy your success – everything based on your capacity, your priority and your principles.

2 ● Care selflessly and give your best in every relationship. After that, stop worrying whether you meet others’ expectations, whether you get approval or whether you are seen as good enough. Set clear boundaries for yourself and communicate it to others.

3 ● Love yourself and radiate love to others. But if you live a life trying to keep up with others' expectations even when it is not in your capacity, you cannot be happy. Your unhappiness radiates vibrations of pain and discomfort even to those whose expectations you are trying to meet and harms the energy of your relationships.

4 ● Do not agree to do something you don’t want to do. Refuse politely and firmly. And do not feel guilty about it. Be authentic and people will accept you for who you are and as you are.

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