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Living a Life with Good Relationships (Part 1)

We all live a life full of relationships of different types. Starting from the morning till the night, relationships are a constant support system for us and almost like a lifeline. Imagine for once that you were alone in this world and you would have to spend a complete lifetime with no one to share your love and joy with. How would such a life be and how does it sound? Interesting? Not at all. So relationships are like life’s oxygen. They are a source of strength for us and of course a source of love, that a life without them cannot be imagined. Also, it is relationships which give meaning to life, whether it is relationships with people or even with God.

➥ Love is the primary virtue of the world and it is the most liked emotion of the world. Even God brings change in us on the basis of love. The soul changes itself because of love for God. Even power in the soul is filled by God, because He loves us immensely. All the work that God does on us and helps us become better human beings is because of His love for us. We are indebted to Him for that and then in return for all the love He showers on us, we become further determined to bring change in ourselves.

➥ So love with God works both ways and is the basis of a beautiful relationship with Him. Also, people whom we come in contact with in our relationships come close to us primarily because of the virtue of love. Love is the foundation of strong and stable relationships.

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