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What is Purpose and Meaning of Life ?

What is Life? What is the purpose? How one should live? How to attain happiness? -upon an asked question via email, we have responded with this explanation.

Question was asked by Ayushi via our contact form.

Original Question in Email:


Hope you all are doing well. I want to know what is life. I have no purpose, no desire, no demand. There is no direction nor aim in life. It seems like I wrong but what to do. I've interest in nothing. Please guide me.

Our Response (Answer to the Email):

To: Ayushi (and everyone reading now)

Dear Divine Sister/Brother

Your letter is received. Here is the response.

Your question was: 'What is life?' If we aim to answer this question in 1 email, it is not possible. But certainly life is for happiness. Happiness is achieved when we do something good or something that we love to do or when something good happens to us and mot important, when there is PEACE.

Peace is essential in life. Peace brings clarity and a deep happiness. So whatever you do in life, do what you love. And as you say, you have no interest.. it is NOT possible Ayushi.

You are one among very very few souls who are introvert (those who live within) You asked this question, means you are a great soul. Otherwise in today's world all are blindly running after their desires. You have asked - what is this desire? Does money fulfills ANY desire? Then no. Money instead increases the desires. Instead it is PEACE and LOVE for which everyone makes efforts. They ask for peace and love. They pray to God.

Do you love to listen nice songs? Here is playlist of Shiv baba ke madhur Geet:

What you are feeling now, is a temporary feeling. As you will learn, you know yourself better, you will see a transformation in the self. Everyone loves something. A painter loves painting, etc. while many loves sleeping also!.

We all are here living to learn. We learn many things. Very lucky are those who experience everything what life has to offer. Life has to offer both happiness and sorrow. We feel comfort in happiness only, while even sorrow is good. Sorrow keeps us away from doing sins. Have you ever realised?

1. Essence: WHAT IS LIFE (its meaning) ?

Life means ''an experience''. We should learn from everything that happen. Life means also a fruit of our past Karma . For example life you say to the present. Present is achieved according to the past Karma we did.

Every day is an opportunity to become better. We all do mistakes. But when we learn from our mistakes, we become better.


Here is many faiths (religions) in world. They all have different understanding of the one GOD. They all hence have distinct 'aim of life'. Some say that achieving God is the aim of life. But have anyone EVER achieved the God? No. Because God is not in the cycle of life and death. He is ever detached. Him has no body like us.

One CAN achieve god only when he himself comes and introduce the self.

So now you have heard the supreme light's words . The source of our knowledge is the Gyaan Murli .

We welcome you to re-live you life. ''Live as if this today is your last day'' This is to be learn. Learn how to live the life.

We all face challenges in one or other ways. We may also fall down. But we never lose hope. We get up again and walk. The destiny is waiting. Time is waiting for us. May you be blessed. is waiting for us. May you be blessed.

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